Komptech Multistar Star Screens for Screening Organics and Mulch

Multistar Star Screens:

Why use a star screen? Star screens have the ultimate flexibility in determining output product sizes. This is because the product size is infinitely adjustable depending on the speed of the stars.

The organics market often requires multiple products at multiple sizes. Star screens become much more cost effective for this application. The other big requirement in screening organics is the ability to process wet material. Star screens are specifically designed to handle wet material that often blind up the drums of a trommel screen and the decks of a deck screen.

Screening with stars:

Star screens consist of one or two screen decks, depending on the model. The rotating
shafts of the coarse screen deck move the material horizontally. Everything that cannot
fall through the defined gap between the stars is separated off as coarse material.
Material falling through the screen moves on the fine screen deck fitted with smaller
stars, and is separated into fine and medium fractions in the same way.

The screening flow from coarse to fine delivers high quality output in a short screen
length, and keeps larger contraries out of the fine fraction. Particle size can be controlled
by varying the rotation speed of the star shafts. Using frequency converters on the
operator console, the particle size can be changed within seconds. All functions are
monitored by a central control unit which reports on the current operational status.

Komptech Americas offers a full line-up of star screens; the entry level Multistar S3, the Multistar L3, the Multistar XL3, the Multistar XXl3, and the Multistar XXL2.  There is a star screen to meet the requirements of every producer with throughput up to 660 yd3/h.

  • High flexibility with output product size changes in just seconds
  • Screen wet material with the patented CLEANSTAR system.
  • Low operating costs with dual power capabilities.

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