Komptech Terminator

Shredding with a Komptech Terminator Saves Airspace

The City of Gering Sanitation Department, chooses a Komptech Terminator to shred their waste and increase their landfill life expectancy.

Gering is in Western Nebraska’s Scotts Bluff County, centrally located between the Colorado Front Range, Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore.  In 2016, the City of Gering Sanitation Department was looking to improve the density of their bale fill, as the landfill expectancy neared 7 years.  They decided to test a Komptech Terminator  to determine if shredding their waste would improve the density of the bales.  They were pleasantly surprised by the results and realized a 40% increase in density.  They predict this will increase their landfill lifespan by 5 years.  Adding a shredder to their facility would result in millions of dollars in tipping fee revenue over those extended 5 years.  This easily justified the investment into a shredder.

After extensive research, they determined the best machine for their needs was a Komptech Terminator 6000S shredder.  This single shaft, low speed high-torque shredder is specifically designed for processing municipal solid waste and C&D.  The automatic reversing shaft prevents wrapping of material which is a big concern in this application.  With the track mounted chassis, the machine can easily move around the landfill, even in muddy conditions.   The Terminator was specifically designed for this type of application.  A high clearance chassis prevents blockages and a robust shredding unit makes shredding difficult material a breeze.

They worked with Powerscreening, the local Komptech dealer for Nebraska, to ensure they chose the right options for the shredder.  The knowledgeable sales team was helpful and guided them to the high clearance chassis, which has added benefits in their application.   They were very pleased that the Komptech Americas parts depot is located only 3 hours away.

In late 2016, the Komptech Terminator was delivered to the City of Gering.  Since then, they have been nothing but pleased with the throughput and ease of maintenance of the machine.  The shredder has run without issue for the last 6 months.  The Terminator has quickly become a valuable cog in their waste management process.

Prior to purchasing the shredder, their landfill life expectancy was 2024.  Now, with the Terminator on site, they are hoping to extend that 5 additional years to 2029.  When asked what Daryl, the landfill manager, thought of the Komptech Terminator and the benefits, the answer was simple: “Shredding saves airspace!”

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