Multistar S3 Training by Todd Dunderdale

Fall Team Meeting Generates Ideas Along With Star Screen Training and Demonstrations

In late September, the sales, marketing, and leadership teams of Komptech Americas and Plexus Recycling Technologies met in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a jam-packed week of interactive, round table discussion workshops, hands-on training and live product demonstrations of Komptech star screen machines.

This week-long off-site event enabled team members from across North America to gather together and examine the latest waste and recycling trends impacting our customers. The information shared helped promote discussion on ways we can continue to work with our customers to help them better leverage their equipment for success.


In addition to the round table discussion sessions, the group also headed out on a field trip to local mulch producer Michigan Wood Fibers, where a new Komptech Multistar S3 star screen unit had been set up for demonstration. Todd Dunderdale, Senior Area Sales Manager for Komptech Americas, led the educational product overview for the team, showing end-to-end functionality features of the screening machine.

Multistar S3 Training by Todd Dunderdale

“It was great to have our entire sales team together and be able to personally educate them on the Multistar S3 star screen,” said Brandon Lapsys, vice-president of Komptech Americas. “This smaller, 3- or 2-fraction star screen delivers a tremendous amount of performance, previously only available in our higher capacity classes. To see this unit firsthand and watch it run is extremely valuable for our team.”

Training on the Multistar S3 star screen


Following the Multistar S3 training, the team headed over to the other end of the mulch production site to watch a live product demonstration of the Komptech Multistar XXL-2, owned and operated by Michigan Wood Fibers.  This large 2-fraction star screen showed off its incredible efficiency by processing large amounts of wood being fed directly from a tub grinder, all without the need for secondary grinding.

“It’s amazing and also fun to watch the the XXL-2 in action. This extra large star screen unit is an efficient way for mulch producers to save on fuel costs, excessive wear costs on their grinder, colorant costs, and trucking costs, by screening nearly 80% of the finished mulch product without double grinding all materials,” said Brandon.

Demonstration of the Multistar XXL-2


By the end of the week, the Komptech Americas and Plexus Recycling Technologies teams were able to share valuable insight with each other as well as gain additional hands-on experience with two of Komptech’s most productive screening machines. The week in Michigan also proved to be a great teamwork development opportunity as well.

“I came away from our meeting this week seeing a great level of energy and camaraderie among our team,” explains Brandon. “It is clear that these in-person trainings and round table discussion workshops are important for our continued growth of knowledge and success in the market. It was one of the best meetings we have had.”

Special thanks to Michigan Wood Fibers for their generosity in allowing us to conduct our product training and product demonstration at their facility. For more information on Michigan Wood Fibers, please visit