Komptech Americas Sponsors USCC Conference 2017

Komptech Americas is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the 25th Annual USCC Conference & Tradeshow.

Komptech Americas will be exhibiting at the USCC Conference in booth 201/300, and will have an extensive line-up of machines at the Demo Day.  Stop by our booth and pick up your free T-shirt (limited supply) or reserve yours by tweeting #savemeashirt @komptechamerica.

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Windrow Compost Turners: Komptech Topturn X

Windrow Compost Turners – Then and Now:

At Komptech, customer relationships are behind our innovation. Almost 10 years ago, Hawaiian Fresh Egg Farm took delivery of one the first Topturn X Series windrow compost turners delivered to North America .  There have been many improvements made since then, but one thing remains the same, customer input is vital to our success.

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Komptech Crambo: A wood waste shredder

Nothing shreds like a Komptech Crambo

Crambo: Wood Waste Shredder

This versatile wood waste shredder is one preferred by those serious about sustainability and is a vital tool in combating the ever growing waste epidemic. Whether it’s stumps, food waste, green waste, C&D, or shingles, the dual shaft embodied by this brilliant piece of machinery is world class to say the least.

Komptech Crambo is a dynamic wood waste shredder that can handle most any forms of waste and materials thrown at it.  Komptech Crambo shredders are widely used in disaster clean -up, railroad tie recycling, asphalt shingle recycling as well as composting.

Crambo Efficiency

With nearly 90% of Iowa dedicated to farming, the need for portable shredders  is imperative to keeping processes efficient and sustainable. Kevin Yanik wrote an article published by PP&E reiterating the importance that Komptech America’s Crambo has on the region. He had the opportunity to talk with Wylie about J. Petticord’s fleet of separation equipment discussing how efficient the Crambo works and how this efficiency translates into profitability. “We know what these guys are looking for,” he says. “They need us to get in, get the site cleared and get the heck out of there. Clearing 20 acres of trees with a chipper isn’t a good option. We’ve got large excavators, dozers and our big grinding equipment.”

The company’s Crambo 6000 has been pretty involved lately in those types of jobs, too. “That’s worked really well on some housing developments we’ve done,” Wylie says. “We’ll clear two to five acres of trees, and then we have an old farm-stead where we’ll feed the trees through the Crambo and shred the house through the Crambo, pulling the steel out of it.” Komptech Americas and the Crambo allow J. Petticord to save up to 10 trailer loads which is imperative in such a fast paced industry. To read more of Yanik’s article highlighting the practical separation ability of the Crambo please click here.

Screening with the MultiStar L3

Komptech Americas star screen product line has something for everyone.

From the entry level Multistar S3 to the high throughput of the Multistar XXL3, there’s a long range of options to choose from.

Screening with Stars:

Star screens consist of one or two screen decks, depending on the model. The rotating shafts of the coarse screen deck move the material horizontally. Everything that cannot fall through the defined gap between the stars is separated off as coarse material. Material falling through the screen moves on the fine screen deck fitted with smaller stars, and is then separated into fine and medium fractions.

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New Compost Turner: Komptech Topturn X45

Komptech Americas introduces it’s new compost turner the Topturn X45

High end performance in an entry level compost turner category.

The new Komptech Topturn X45 windrow turner will be available later this year.

The proven success of the larger X Series compost turners are now available in a smaller package.  A robust frame in a pioneering new design, high performance hydraulics and a generously dimensioned drum mean high throughput in all working scenarios. Low to mid-size operations will benefit from the quality of a Komptech compost turner in a size that fits their needs.

The X45 also comes with a more powerful 278HP version and all engines meets the latest exhaust requirements.   The Topturn X45 will process a windrow almost 15ft. wide and 8ft. tall making this an excellent option for smaller volume customers who don’t want to sacrifice performance.   The Topturn X Series has been widely known as one of the best windrow compost turner on the market.  Komptech Americas looks forward to expanding their product line in order to support their customers’ needs.

No compromises on the chassis – the X45 has the same chassis dimensions as the Topturn X55. The wheeled chassis provides a high level of traction, quick maneuverability
and best driving comfort. The tracked chassis is the ideal option for unpaved ground.The open track design enables simple cleaning.

Komptech is a leading supplier of machinery and systems for the treatment of solid waste and biomass as a renewable energy source.  Our product range includes over 30 different types of machines that cover all key processes in modern waste handling.