Each screen was designed for a specific application. The trommel was born out of the dirt and topsoil market; whereas the star screen was built to process organics. Komptech’s heavy duty trommel line is built to withstand the heavy rock and abrasive material found in topsoil. This type of material is not as well suited for a star screen.


Trommel screens are cleaned manually with cleaning brushes, whereas Komptech star screens have a patented Cleanstar self cleaning system.


Drum screens rotating action do a better job of breaking up the clods of dirt and rock, and adding the prescreening grizzly option allows for the separation of large rocks. If multiple product sizes are required a trommels limited by how costly and easily it is to move between screen sizes.


Star screens have the ultimate flexibility in determining output product sizes. This is because the product size is infinitely adjustable depending on the speed of the stars. The organic market often requires multiple products at multiple sizes. The star screen becomes much more cost effective for this application. The other big requirement in screening organics is the ability to process wet material. The star screen are specifically designed to handle wet material that often blind up the drums of a trommel screen.

HYDRAULIC VS ELECTRIC The difference between Komptech’s hydraulic and hybrid trommel screens :

Hydraulic Trommel

  • Simple logic controls
  • Drumgrip system
  • Ability to run competitors drums
  • Conveyors at rear of machine

Electric 2800-3800-5000

  • Hybrid Electric machine
  • Wheel grip system
  • 30-40% Less energy consumption
  • Low wear discharge system