The advantages to windrow turning:

Why is windrow composting the preferred method? Composting has come full circle and has gone through the cycle of windrow to trapezoidal to in vessel and now back to windrow. This if because windrow composting allows the operator to manage individual rows and make adjustments relatively easily and quickly. This process is also the fastest as well as minimizes odors if done correctly. The Komptech Topturn X Series are the best compost windrow tuners on the market.


The large diameter rotor driven by the high torque hydrostatic drive produces a very tall peaked windrow with great porosity. This creates the desired chimney effect for the fastest composting times. Faster composting means increased site capacity and reduction of processing costs.


Specifically designed for the windrow composting of manure, green waste, food waste or any organic material, the topturn series takes the un-composted material and puts it in the inside and the composted material on the outside. This perfect mixing is what accelerates the decomposition of material while obtaining PFRP.


Often windrow composting is not chosen because of space requirements. This is true for most turners, but the Komptech Topturn uses its robust plows to allow one windrow to overlap the next by over a foot. This maximizes the amount of material you can compost on a small pad. With the decreased composting times with windrow and the maximizing of footprint, the Komptech Topturn can increase site capacity over 50%.


Topturn X40: 14’ Windrow


Topturn X55: 16’ Windrow


Topturn X63: 18’ Windrow


Topturn X67: 21’ Windrow